Change  Management Associates offers a full range of Operational Excellence and Business Improvement  services.  Since 1990, CMA  has developed and delivered programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of  organizations in the general subject of Operational Excellence.  A  specific list of services is provided below.  You can click on any  subject to find more detailed descriptions of available services


World Class / Lean Enterprise

Strategic Planning/Policy Deployment
Lean Manufacturing
Value Stream Mapping
Lean Office
Continuous Flow Manufacturing
Quick Changeover / Setup Reduction
Pull/Kanban Material Systems
5S / Workplace Organization
Kaizen Facilitation
Lean Product Development
Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
A3 Problem Solving
Visual Management Systems

Quality Management

Continuous Process Improvement / Basic Quality Tools

Advanced Quality Tools (SPC, DOE, QFD)

Employee Involvement

Change Management
Team Building / Team Based Organizations
Facilitative / Lean Leadership
Performance Evaluation and Compensation Systems
New Hire Process
Improvement & Coaching Kata (University of Michigan approved instructor)
Training Within Industries (TWI) (TWI Institute certified instructor)


Project Management
Customer and Employee Surveys
Organizational Assessments

Each program can  be tailored to meet the unique needs of each organization. Various modules  can be selected to form a comprehensive curriculum to support an overall  Organizational Development plan. Each program has an “application  based” element that supports the learning process, and ensures a maximum  return on an organization’s skills enhancement investment. It is this  “learn by doing and succeeding” approach that has provided  significant benefits to organizations in all industries.

Change  Management Associates provides Train-the-Trainer services for all of the  programs listed above.  CMA will closely facilitate the  development of internal personnel in any subject area so that they can  deliver educational and facilitative services on their own in the  future.  CMA will transfer the requisite knowledge and skills via a  carefully designed Train-the-Trainer program that includes application  projects such as kaizen events, as well as one-on-one personal  development.  In this way, companies can  reduce the dependency on external resources to drive their business  improvement efforts.