Change Management Associates (CMA) has a number of videos on YouTube on various topics. Below are descriptions and links to several of the more popular ones. Consider subscribing to our YouTube channel to be informed of new videos when they are added.

An Introduction to 3P:

Hosted by Lean Frontiers, this video provides the basic concepts and process of the powerful 3P improvement methodology. 3P is used to design or re-design products, processes, even facility layouts. It can provide significant results for those organizations that properly apply it. Concepts such as biomimicry, rapid prototyping and simulation, the ‘7 Ways’, the ‘7 Flows’, and more are covered. Click here to view it.

KataCon 6 Keynote:

See Drew Locher’s keynote address to the 6th annual Kata Summit in Austin TX in February 2020 titled “With a Little Help From My Friends: A Lifetime of Learning”. In it he shares multiple ‘pearls of wisdom’ provided to him from kind people over his 35+ year career. Click here to view it on YouTube.

A3 Storyboards Tips and Tricks Series:

Quality Management Storyboards have been used since the 1960s. They are a proven approach to not just solve problems and improve processes, but to develop the requisite skills and abilities in individuals. This four-part series takes a ‘deep dive’ into the A3 Storyboard methodology providing ‘tips and tricks’ that can help avoid or overcome the most common difficulties encountered in its use.

Value Stream Mapping Tips and Tricks Series:

Value Stream Mapping is a powerful methodology for improvement. It can be used to significantly re-design systems within organizations that involve material, information, and service flows. This six-part series provides numerous ‘tips and tricks’ drawing on 20+ years of experience and ~200 mapping exercises. Following these tips will maximize the benefits that can be realized from the application of Value Stream Mapping.

Leader Standard Work Tips and Tricks Series:

The Lean Management System consists of a set of activities that leaders are expected to perform. However, they often find it difficult to make these activities a regular part of the leader’s routine. Leader Standard Work is an effective tool to help leaders in this objective. Episode 1 of this two-part series provides tips and tricks for the content of Leader Standard Work. Episode provides important suggestions for the process of creating it.

Creating Mindsets, Habits and Skills for Cultural Change:

More and more organizations have realized that the real objective of Lean is to develop a culture for continuous improvement. Most will lament the challenges that exist to affecting cultural change. This half-hour video describes what it really take to achieve this lofty goal.

Kata for Daily Improvement:

There are two kata or routines: the Improvement Kata, and the Coaching Kata. The Improvement Kata is a means to practice rapid Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycles. The Coaching Kata is a routine for developing the requisite mindsets and skills for improvement in others. Together, then are a proven approach to skill development through deliberate practice. This video provides an introduction to the subject.

The Psychology of Learning: What it Really Takes to Learn and Create Habit

This ~30 minute webinar is on the topic of the “Psychology of Learning” from Edward Thorndike (1913), The Laws of Readiness, Effect, Practice and Habit are reviewed. Leaders in all organizations need to understand what is really necessary for people to learn, so that they can have reasonable expectations and be more supportive. Check it out.