Change Management Associates (CMA) offers a full range of Operational Excellence and Business Improvement services. Since 1990, CMA has developed and delivered programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of organizations in the general subject of Enterprise Excellence.

It is our diverse experience that provides a unique perspective and often results in creative solutions for the companies with whom we work. Annualized savings realized by these companies range from $200,000 to $4,000,000 (USD).

CMA also offers educational and training materials for each program that a company can use to deliver on its own in the future. CMA will transfer the requisite knowledge and skills via a carefully designed Train-the-Trainer program that includes application projects such as kaizen events, as well as one-on-one personal development. In this way, companies can reduce the dependency on external resources to drive their business improvement efforts.

CMA has provided services to a diverse set of industries including: Manufacturing, Transportation,  Distribution, Healthcare, Services, Education

CMA has worked with companies involved in (but not limited to): Financial Services, Call Centers, Technical Support Centers, Hospitals, Physician Practices, Precision & Non-Precision Machining, Injection & Blow Molding, Thermal Forming, Heavy & Light Assembly, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical Production and Packaging, Sheet and Continuous Web Printing, Foundry, Automotive, Construction Products

Within the manufacturing sector, CMA has helped companies achieve significant improvement results In: High and low volume, Make-to-order and make-to-stock, Repetitive and non-repetitive (i.e. job shop), Level and seasonal demand environments, Configure-to-order and design-to-order, FDA and DoD regulated companies.