Lean-World Class Overview

Lean/World Class Overview
One-day Workshop 

            Speed to market, flexibility, and overall organization efficiency are the keys to continued business success.  These concepts have been embodied in the book, “Lean Thinking”, by James P. Womack and Daniel T. Jones.  The four core principles of Lean – Value, Flow, Pull, Perfection – will be reviewed in the context of a overall product “value stream”.  Then, the eight wastes that can seriously hinder business performance will be explored in depth, along with their root causes.

Attendees will learn lean techniques that systematically drive waste out of the organization.  The lean techniques that will be reviewed include, but are not limited to: Standardized Work, Workplace Organization, Visual Management, Pull/Kanban Material Replenishment Systems, Plant Layout, Quick Changeover and Batch Size Reduction, Cellular/Flow Manufacturing, Total Productive Maintenance.  Photographed examples from actual implementations in companies will be provided throughout.

People who attend this seminar will understand the significant benefits that can be achieved by implementing Lean Enterprise concepts throughout the organization.  Typical results include: 75% reduction in lead time to customer; 40% productivity improvements; a 50% decline in quality rejects; 50% decrease in required floor space; 90% reduction in Work-in-Process inventory and manufacturing lead time.

Questions, concerns, and industry specific issues can be addressed throughout the seminar.  This seminar will benefit anyone in a manufacturing operation, including production and non-production personnel.  A simulation is included to enrich the learning experience.  The simulation clearly distinguishes between “push”, “pull” and “flow” systems of processing.

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