Change Management

Managing Change
One Day Workshop

In business there is the hunter and the hunted.  Those companies that have built flexible, responsive organizations made up of individuals who do not fear the future will succeed where companies paralyzed by cultural and organizational inertia will not.  There is a distinct psychological profile exhibited by both individuals and organizations confronting change that every manager or change agent should be able to identify and react to.  In addition, change is a process that must be managed.

This workshop will teach participants how to identify the stages of change, to manage them successfully, and to lay a foundation for an organization to accommodate and ultimately embrace change.  Further, the workshop will help companies to identify its organizational change drivers and to determine their impact on an individual, even personal level.  A “Personal Roadmap for Change” will be developed for and by the participants during the workshop.  This roadmap is a personal development plan that is aligned with the business level change drivers.

The topics covered during this workshop are listed below.  It can be tailored to meet the particular needs of an organization.  After the workshop, the organization will review the various roadmaps, identify common themes and needs, and determine an appropriate course of action to sustain the change process – a form of workforce development plan.  For example, companies will identify other education and training needs, and will often establish follow-up sessions to monitor progress to the various Personal Roadmaps for Change that have been developed.

  • History of change
  • Organizational needs and impact
  • Individual needs and impact
  • The Change Process
  • Organizational Roadmap for Change
  • Individual Roadmap for Change
  • Change Management

Duration:         1 day

Who should attend: any person in any position of an organization can benefit by attending this workshop.

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