This highly rated University of Michigan program reviews all of the key elements of the Lean Management System.  Leader Standard Work, Visual Management, Daily Management, Gemba Walks, and much more.  Also covered are the key skills for any successfully leader: communication, observation, motivation, providing direction, and developing trust.  Click here for more information.

This three-day workshop is based in Toyota Kata, and can help any organization ‘put the continuous into continuous improvement’.  The first two days includes a simulation that provides attendees with an opportunity to practice both the Improvement and Coaching Kata.  The third day will be held at Zingerman’s Mail Order, that has been practicing kata for […]

Leadership is the key to developing a culture of continuous improvement.  Therefore, leaders must understand their role in the Lean Enterprise.  This four-day workshop covers the Lean Management System – the key activities that they are expected to perform – as well as the soft skills leaders must exhibit.  Visual Management Systems, Leader Standard Work, […]